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Terrorism and Security is a subject that studies terrorist activities, political violence, countermeasures and policies. In other words, it focuses on making the world safer for everyone.

Terrorism and Security covers subjects like History of Terrorism, Cyber Security, Warfare in the 21st century, Aviation Terrorism and Security, Terrorist Ideologies, and International Relations Theories and Practice.

Terrorism and Security courses teach students about terrorist groups and their strategies. Some classes focus on analysing the impact of terrorist activities (e.g. terror threats, terrorist attacks) on people. You will learn counter-terrorist measures and policies and ways to implement them efficiently. The main priority will be achieving and maintaining people’s security both locally, and globally.

One of the greatest satisfactions in preventing terrorists from achieving their goals is knowing that you’re saving many lives in the process. By studying Terrorism and Security you can become a real hero of our world, who puts themselves on the line to save the lives of others.

People who graduate from Terrorism and Security can choose from a wide range of careers. Some of these are: security analyst, correctional treatment specialist, intelligence analyst, border force officer, and policy analyst. You can also work in foreign affairs and different departments of defence.

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