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Everything you need to know about studying a PhD in Community Development

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Community Development teaches you how to work with members of various communities and empower them to solve their issues through individual and collective action. You will discover how to guide community members to identify problems, choose effective solutions and evaluate the impact of their efforts.

During a Bachelor’s or Master’s in Community Development, you can expect to take classes on interpersonal communication, ethics and morality, psychology, sociology, social welfare, the economics of community development, policy and change, sustainability, etc.

As a future professional in the field of Community Development, your work will revolve around helping people come together and use their unique skills to address important issues, such as poverty, inequality, or local crimes. You will act as an external force that drives action, but you won’t make decisions for the community.

Successful Community Development workers master the basics of Psychology and Sociology and own interpersonal, negotiation, and analytical skills.

After graduating with a Community Development degree, you can work for local authorities, educational institutions, NGOs, or charitable organisations. Similar job titles include family support worker, youth worker, social worker, etc.

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