Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation civile (ENAC)

Toulouse, France
The ENAC University is part of the aeronautical world which is, by nature, international. ENAC is a provider of high quality education and hence, its students are able to access professional careers, which are necessarily associated with international activities.



It was founded in 1949 in Paris-Orly, and moved to Toulouse in 1968. It merged with the SEFA (Service d’Exploitation de la Formation Aéronautique) on January 1, 2011. The « Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile » (ENAC) is a unique example : it is the only aviation-oriented university in France offering a wide and complete panel of aeronautics-oriented training programmes and activities.

PhD Programmes

Computer Science & IT (1)


Library services

Dedicated to the students, teaching and research community, ENAC library provides a privileged access to technical and scientific information.Its missions are:

  • to develop and give access to print and digital collections whether on spot or remote
  • assistance and training on information search
  • Management of ENAC publications: students’ internship reports, researchers’ publications, teaching resources…

ICT services

The Multimedia Services Program’s missions are:

  • To promote teaching innovation by using e-learning technologies
  • To offer production to broadcasting services and assistance on audiovisual, photo and multimedia resources

Student Life

Campus life

ENAC E-campus offers services to the student, research and teaching communities in order to produce and broadcast digital and multimedia resources.