Hanken School of Economics

Hanken School of Economics

Top reasons to study here

  • Research-based education.
  • Integrating social responsibility and sustainability in all activities.
  • Embracing a high degree of internationalisation in spirit, content and actions.



The mission of Hanken is to create cutting-edge knowledge and educate responsible professionals for the global economy and changing society through

  • research activities characterised by academic excellence and corporate world relevance. In the areas of strength in particular, the research conducted is cutting edge.
  • research-based education that provides Hanken graduates and executive education participants with an ability to think analytically and critically and to act in a global environment characterised by continuous change


Hanken advances new knowledge in business and society through research activities characterised by academic excellence and corporate world relevance. We are a research intensive business school, which means that all our activities build on our own research. This includes the full range of courses and educational programmes we offer, especially our PhD Programme.


We offer a wide range of services aimed to improve your skills for working life and job search. Career Services is a direct link between students and potential future employees.


Housing services

Hanken’s quota of HOAS rooms does not meet the demand, especially in the autumn semester when they receive a large number of exchange students. In the autumn semester about 60% of the exchange students coming to Helsinki do not receive accommodation through HOAS. Hanken gives students from outside Europe priority to the HOAS apartments so if you are a student coming from Europe for the autumn semester, be prepared to find accommodation on the private market. However, all students are urged to apply for HOAS, without an application you cannot get an offer from them. 

ICT services

Hanken  provides a number of IT-services for you as a student or as Hanken faculty or staff. Many services are only available for you after login with Hanken user-id and password. As a student registered for the semester, or as an employee, you have the right to a user-id.

Student Life

Sports facilities

The new eight storey building in Arabianranta, Helsinki, combines student housing and state of the art sports facilities. The building accomodates apartments on the lower levels and a sports center including a fitness gym and a test laboratory on top.

Student clubs

The Student Union of Hanken School of Economics, SHS, was founded in 1909. During the years the union has carried a great variety of names and been engaged in many different fields of activity. SHS received its current status as a veritable students’ union in 1975, in the process of a university reform. The union is today an independent public juridical entity, regulated by the decree on students’ unions.


Hanken is a leading, internationally accredited university with over a hundred years of experience in education and research in economics and business administration.

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