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University of Sopron

The University of Sopron, which is at the forefront of the Hungarian higher educational institutions, has the fifth largest number of students in the country. Its campuses in five historical West Hungarian cities offer up-to-date knowledge for almost twenty thousand students, who benefit from the high standard of education and advanced infrastructure.



Among the legal predecessors of the university there are some institutions with a great past, like the School for Training Mining Officers, founded by Charles III (1735), which was raised to an academic rank by Maria Theresa, and the Magyaróvár Private School of Agriculture, founded by Prince Casimir Albert Saxony-Teschen (1818), which gave birth to the Vienna College of Agriculture in 1872 (today’s Universität für Bodenkultur Wien).


The University’s six faculties offer a wide range of programmes from undergraduate to doctorate level in three languages: Hungarian, English and German. Besides contributing actively to the development of the Western Hungarian region, we do our best to attract also international students and to participate in international cooperation research activities. 

Student Life

Campus life

In each campus there is a vivid student life. Some of them cherish the student traditions originating in Selmecbánya, which are unique in Europe and whose roots go back to the mysterious Middle Ages; others have found their own way in forming a community.

Sports facilities

Besides high quality sports education the university is also proud of its competitive sports. The Sopron Sports Association of the University of Sopron, SMAFC – made legendary by its basketball players - was founded in Selmecbánya in 1860. From that time it has continuously operated as one of Europe’s oldest sports association. Today excellent results have been achieved in the association’s karate (European Championship gold medals), riding, chess, ski (World Championship silver medals) and orienteering sections too. 

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