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The Oslo School of Architecture and Design

The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) offers a unique research-based education of international standing. Established in 1945, today it has built a solid national funding base and is prominently ranked internationally.

PhD Programmes

Arts, Design & Architecture (1)



AHO was established in 1945 initially as a “crisis course” for architects who had seen their education interrupted by World War II. Prior to this, most Norwegian architects were educated at the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH) in Trondheim, a polytechnic school. 


AHO offers Master’s degree programmes that are designed to best equip the student to enter directly into professional practice or academia. Within the Master’s programmes, students may specialise in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture and urbanism, industrial design, interaction design, service and systems-oriented design.

The school also offers post-professional Master’s courses in urban studies and architectural conservation. AHO offers a single type of doctoral degree, the Doctor of Philosophy.

As an international school, AHO’s Master’s programmes are taught in English. International students constitute 25% of the Master’s students and 50% of the PhD candidates.


AHO carries out research in architecture, design landscape architecture and urbanism. Our four Research Centres define focused projects across this wide area. We focus on excellence within and across our disciplinary boundaries and on maximizing our potential as a collaborative partner with other academic institutions, with the design professions and with industry.


Student services

As an AHO student, you are a member of The Foundation for Student Life in Oslo and Akershus (SiO) after your semester fee is paid.

Housing services

All students admitted to AHO are eligible for accommodation through The Foundation for Student life in Oslo (SIO). You apply by completing the online application form on the SiO website. When asked for your Norwegian ID-number, you may enter your date of birth.

It is advisable to apply as soon as possible after being admitted to AHO.

International students are prioritized for SiO housing. However, remember to set up a number of alternatives for accommodation. Due to high demand in student housing in Oslo, there is no guarantee that you will get your first priority.

Library services

The library has access to several resources:

  • Article databases: databases that analyse  content in periodicals and books.
  • Subject resources: patent, materials, standards and more. 
  • Research databases: dissertations and theses 
  • Public information & dictionaries: Norwgian only! Norwegian rules and regulations, and dictionaries
  • Norwegian, Nordic, and European libraries: sources for inter-library loans 

ICT services

The IT department delivers, develops, runs and maintain digital services to both students and staff. 

The wireless network at AHO is called EDUROAM. Eduroam is a standard in most Universities and colleges in Norway and abroad. In addition, it is available at all airports in Norway and Sweden.

Student Life

Campus life

As an AHO student, you are a member of The Foundation for Student Life in Oslo and Akershus (SiO) after your semester fee is paid.

The semester fee entitles you to make use of more than 7500 student lodgings and apartments, Norway's largest student bookshop, fitness centres, cafes and café-bars, cabins, health services specially for students, free student counselling, free career guidance and inexpensive kindergarten.

The services are either free or offered at a student-friendly price.

Student clubs

For many of us the school becomes a home. Through SAHO you can influence how the school runs.

It is important that all students are aware of what SAHO is, what we do and what we can contribute with. You have to choose yourself how your studies will be. SAHO is based on student involvement and all members are elected by the rest of the student mass.

As an international student, you can represent all foreign students at AHO, both exchange students and those who wish to do their MA and Diploma here.

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