Hungarian University of Fine Arts

The Hungarian University of Fine Arts provides education and training to the future actors of the Hungarian cultural scene in all areas of the visual arts.

PhD Programmes

Arts, Design & Architecture (1)



  • 1861 Foundation of the Hungarian Fine Arts Society.
  • 1871 Foundation of Hungarian Royal School of Model Drawing.
  • 1873 The school introduces itself at the World Expo in Vienna.
  • 1876/77 The first academic year of the Hungarian Royal School of Model Drawing in the
  • 1998 The University joins the Erasmus Program within the framework of the Lifelong Learning Program


In addition to practical training, theoretical subjects comprise a fundamental component of education at the HUFA.


Talented individuals are among the most highly prized treasures of a country; they determine the course of development and mark the direction in the arts. Society must seek to understand and support them. They must be given time for contemplation, for their personality to unfold and strengthen, so that they can prepare for a professional career, cultivate their heritage, and create new qualities. This is a challenging task not only for young talents, but also for the University, as, we are living in times when taking responsibility for ideas originating from one’s inner conviction is once again of import.


Housing services

International exchange students can only live in private accommodation.

Library services

The Library of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts is a publicly accessible art library of national scope. Its mission is to use its resources and tools to facilitate academic work and research at the HUFA and to offer library services to those engaged in making art and interested in the history of art. 

ICT services

There is a free wi-fi in the Main Building of the University, and each department has its own too (but they are protected with password). There are computers that can be used by students free of charge in the Library.

Medical services

Make sure to have a valid health insurance during your study period in Budapest. If you have an EU citizenship, you should have an European Health Insurance Card (the „Blue Card”)


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