Silesian University of Technology

The Silesian University of Technology (SUT) is one of the biggest universities of technology in Poland, with more than 70-years successful tradition in education, research and development as well as cooperation with industry. Nowadays the University offers courses within over 190 specialties in 50 majors, run by 15 faculties.

Top reasons to study here

  • Silesian University of Technology is the largest and the oldest technical university in the region of Silesia.
  • Located in the most industrialized region in Poland and on of the most industrialized region in Europe.
  • It promotes development of creative thinking and individual problem solving by students themselves.



The Silesian University of Technology is an active partner of the European students exchange within the framework of the LLP-Erasmus programme, on the basis of over 145 bilateral agreements with European universities. Following the Bologna Declaration, the Silesian University of Technology has activated courses at different levels: Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and PhD courses.


Educational and research activities benefit from large number of modern lecture halls and advanced laboratories and are carried out by remarkable university staff consisting of over 1700 academic teachers including 300 professors and DSc degree holders.

SUT has also introduced dedicated courses for project coordinators, enabling them to gain knowledge of available funding schemes and rules of participation as well as external and internal procedures for project implementation. With constantly growing infrastructure and staff aiming at being an active creator of European Research Area, SUT is setting its goals at intensifying international cooperation by participating in Horizon 2020 and other research programs.


Studies at the Silesian University of Technology provide with opportunities for successful entry into professional life and highly developed research work. Our experience and globally recognized standing will ensure that your BSc or MSc degree will be of the highest rank and you will acquire all the skills that international employers are looking for. So, if your interests lay in engineering disciplines and you are ready to face the challenge of the modern world, do not hesitate and join us.

University Ranking

Best Global Universities Rankings by U.S. News & World Report
1245 -40
Best Global Universities Rankings by U.S. News & World Report presents all the top universities from the U.S. and 60 other countries around the world.


Student services

International Mobility Office (IMO) in cooperation with Admission Office and SUT Erasmus Student Network arranges Orientation Days for incoming foreign students. They are free of charge. It is strongly recommended to take part in this event, when one not only meets new colleagues, but also sees the city and region, taste typical Polish cuisine and gains some more practical knowledge about the university life.

The ESN section operating at the Silesian University of Technology (ESN SUT) is a member of the European, non-profit student organization, which supports the development of exchange programmes ad mobility.

Housing services

Students may apply for accommodation at student hostels at the campus. Average cost of such an offer is about 100€ per month per person, depending on room standard. Double and triple rooms are the most common offer. Kitchen and bathrooms are sometimes common for the whole floor.

Each room has Internet access.The cost of living in Gliwice is about 300€ per month. Students have access to canteens at the University Campus. Lunch at the university canteen costs about 3-4 €.

Student Life

Student clubs

Studies at the SUT give ample opportunities to broaden one's interests. During the academic year the university is vibrant with activities inspired by Student Self-Government and many Student Organisations - there are over 20 of them, complemented with nearly 100 scientific associations. Moreover, students may join University choir, music band, dance group and theatre.

The main goal of the ESN SUT is to integrate and make international student stay and study easy and enjoyable. During the academic year, the ESN SUT organises a lot of different events such as: thematic parties, sports challenges, excursions, cultural programmes, etc.


  • It is a key player in new technologies and it participates in creating Upper-Silesian Silicon Valley
  • In 2012 the university won Diamond Award provided by the Forbes magazine
  • Winner of The Student Friendly University award

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