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Utah Valley University is a teaching institution which provides opportunity, promotes student success, and meets regional educational needs. UVU builds on a foundation of substantive scholarly and creative work to foster engaged learning.

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In 1941, the nation was slowly recovering from the Depression of the 1930s. The shadow of war was creeping closer, and the need for arms and ammunition by the Allied forces demanded skilled craftsmen. Many citizens had benefited from the federal work programs during the Depression but needed more training to qualify for better jobs.


The Primary mission of the Academic Standards Office at UVU is to promote students’ academic success and to assist those experiencing academic difficulty. The work of the Academic Standards Office is to assist students in discovering and accessing the personal or college resources that will allow them to reach their full potential. When students fall below the grade point average standard of 2.0, the programs of the Academic Standards Office are intended to bring them back on course toward academic success and graduation.


The majority of research at CRFS involves UVU students mentored by UVU faculty. CRFS encourages a variety of research, scholarly, and creative activities linked to the Colorado Plateau.


Library services

The Fulton Library supports information access, student learning, and knowledge creation.

Medical services

The University provides various basic medical services, testing, and procedures for students on campus. No insurance is required.

Student Life

Campus life

Utah Valley University and Brigham Young University's campuses are only five miles apart, so UVU students get to live in a true "college town" environment. The Provo/Orem area is the hot spot for those looking for the college lifestyle.

Sports facilities

The University provides opportunities to participate in a wide variety of individual and team sports at various levels of competitions. Activities include leagues, tournaments, open play hours, contests, courts, turf field use, and more.

Student clubs

UVU Clubs, a branch of UVUSA, works with 100+ active clubs facilitating club success on campus. Many clubs are very active on campus and have received local, state, and national recognitions.


Utah Valley University is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

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