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University of L´Aquila

Established in 1952 and located in L'Aquila, administrative centre of the Abruzzo Region, our University is a public teaching and research institution offering a full range of academic programmes including biotechnologies, sciences, economics, engineering, education, humanities, medicine, psychology, and sport sciences.

PhD Programmes



On 11th October 1458 and again on 9th May 1464, the city of L'Aquila petitioned King Ferdinand of Aragon to open a Studium equivalent to those in Bologna, Siena and Perugia. During the last years of the late 16th century, from 1596 on, the Jesuits were providing higher instruction at their college in L'Aquila.


With 7 departments, the University of L'Aquila offers its over 18,000 enrolled students 65 degree courses (divided between first and second level degrees), 8 research doctorate programmes, specialisation schools, specializing-master courses and vocational courses.


The research centres of our University are set up on the basis of multi-year projects between various university departments to carry out research work embracing multiple scientific areas, or to collaborate in the management of complex scientific apparatus or support systems, also involving other public and private institutions or individuals.


Career counselling aims at linking university studies to the job market, thus helping students gain an awareness of the professional profiles and qualifications required within a job sector and at the same time helping them to identify their potentials and skills so that they can make optimal choices for their professional careers.

At the University of L’Aquila graduates can receive career advice and assistance from our Career Guidance and Job Placement office which offers the opportunity to enter the AlmaLaurea database allowing users to avail themselves of useful information and services.

University Ranking

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601 200
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1018 -155
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Student services

The University of L’Aquila is dedicated to integrating disabled students into every part of university life. Social aspects, living with other students and group gatherings are all, in fact, unique moments making up the cultural and emotional background gained by a university student.

In this perspective university policies strive to eliminate barriers – not only architectural ones but also those hindering socialization and learning – in order to offer equal study opportunities.

Housing services

Our online bulletin board, available in Italian, aims at helping students find accommodation by posting accommodation requests together with for-rent ads for available flats/rooms.

Direct support is provided by the ESN Aquilasmus Association (

Library services

The University Library System is a network of five library units which offer support for teaching and research activities carried out within the University of L’Aquila.

The five library units are organized and distributed as follows:

  • Humanities Library
  • Economics Library
  • Sciences Library
  • Medical Library
  • Engineering Library

Student Life

Campus life

We have 4 main campuses spread across L'Aquila, 2 being located in the old city centre, the other 2 lying in the western area

Sports facilities

University Sports Centre with several halls and rooms for most popular sports (fitness, spinning, judo, climbing etc.), including outdoors fields (football, volleyball, rugby, tennis, etc.). Reduced fees for university students.

Student clubs

Univaq Alumni Association:

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