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The University of Cádiz

The University of Cádiz is the sum of all people who are part of it and of those who approach the institution to be trained, know what we do or gain access to the multiple services that the UCA renders to society.

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With the constitution of its first Senate, the 30th of October 1979 marked the birth of the University of Cadiz, the culmination of a long process in the demand for a university institution that would recover the fruitful tradition of higher education studies initiated and developed with the support of maritime and commercial activities in modern and contemporary times for Cadiz and its province.


List of research groups of the University of Cadiz by research area:

  • Agrifood (AGR)
  • Biology and Biotechnology (BIO)
  • Social, Economic and Legal Sciences (SEJ)
  • Health Sciences and Techniques (CTS)
  • Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (FQM)
  • Humanities (HUM)
  • Natural Resources and Environment (RNM)
  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
  • Production Technologies (TEP)

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Student Life

Campus life

South of the Iberian Peninsula and southwest of Andalusia, one finds the province of Cadiz, the southernmost of the Spanish peninsular territories, separated by only 14 kilometres from the African continent, by the Strait of Gibraltar. The history of the province of Cadiz is marked by the legacy of the diverse cultures that have passed through it: Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs,..

It is a unique province for the characteristics of its districts and for the population distribution around large urban centres.

The Campuses:

  • Bay of Algeciras
  • Cadiz
  • Jerez
  • Puerto Real

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