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If you’re not a people person, then you should look away. Quick! Before we fill your head with notions of peace and harmony between men. Social Sciences is the discipline that encompasses all studies that focus on the relationships between individuals, and on matters concerning society at large.

With subjects like Economics, Area & Cultural Studies, Communication Sciences, Psychology and Gender & Sexuality Studies, Social Sciences is a field in which theory is combined with research, so that old concepts and notions could be put in modern contexts and with contemporary applications.

Some of the best jobs a Social Sciences graduate can aspire to are:

• Management Consultant
• Investment Advisor
• Detective or Criminal Investigator
• Geospatial Analyst
• Urban Planner
• Employee Relations Specialist

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Suggested PhDs in Social Sciences

Ph.D. Psychology

Walden University’s PhD in Psychology program combines rigorous academics and original research so that you can achieve the highest level of expertise in theories and best practices in psychology. This 100% online program follows a scholar-practitioner model that encourages you to integrate scholarly research with your practical knowledge. 

United States
Ph.D. Political Science - Russian and Comparative Studies

The aim of the program Political Science: Russian and Comparative Studies at RUDN University is preparing high-quality employees (PhD). The study of political systems, political processes and the political consciousness of regions and countries, their specifics and the methodology of their diverse research and comparative analysis.

Ph. D. International Journalism

The International Journalism at RUDN University is aimed at training of high-level staff developing their competences such as ability to take part in teamwork of professional groups, to make projects and realize complex research including interdisciplinary one, readiness to teach students according to main higher educational programmes, etc. 

Ph. D. Human and Social Services

Make a positive impact in your community and your organization as you explore strategies to help those struggling with issues such as illness, addiction, violence, and poverty. Through virtual simulations, animated case studies, and an interprofessional approach, Walden University’s PhD in Human and Social Services program can broaden your understanding of the human services field within a global context.

United States