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Educational psychology, or the study of education, is the discipline that focuses on understanding how human beings acquire knowledge and how they are shaped by learning environment. Professionals in the field study cognitive, behavioural, developmental, social, and emotional factors that influence the ability to learn, in order to improve educational practice for children, adults and people with special learning needs.

Educational psychology is closely related to field of psychology, but programmes can be usually found in departments of education at universities. Education psychology is also connected to neuroscience, while recent theories including topics from the field of social sciences.

Programmes can usually be found at the doctorate level, but some universities also offer Master's degrees in educational psychology. Courses use methods such as testing and measurement to find ways to enhance educational activities. Curriculums study topics such as instructional design, human development, classroom management, assessment, supportive learning technologies for various types of students.

Researchers may focus on one or more area of interest such as: basic processes of development, parenting, social networks, development of aggression, emotional and academic self-regulation, play interests, creativity, gerontology, and more.

Graduates may find work as faculty members, researchers, consultants, instructional software developers, test developers, educational programme managers, and other positions in firms, foundations, public schools, state and federal education departments, and the military.

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Suggested PhDs in Educational Psychology

Ph.D. Psychology - Educational Psychology

Walden University’s Ph.D. in Psychology program combines rigorous academics and original research so that you can build the skills and knowledge required to meet the changing needs of a diverse world.

United States
Doctorate Educational Psychology (DEdPsy)

The aim of the programme is to provide a sound theoretical basis, as well as the requisite skills in applying psychology, to equip trainees to perform the role of the educational psychologist.

United Kingdom
Ph.D. Psychology

The study of psychology is part of a long and distinguished tradition at Ohio State. Department graduates hold respected teaching, research and professional positions across the United States and many practice in other countries.

United States
Ph.D. Educational Psychology

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program in educational psychology focuses on preparing researchers who have strong theoretical, conceptual, and practical ties to educational psychology, and who also possess exceptional skills in the areas of measurement, statistics, assessment, and research methodology. We prepare students for professional positions not only in academic institutions but also in a variety of public and private agencies as policy makers, education advisers, and research consultants.

United States