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Educational Leadership prepares you for administrative or managerial roles within academic institutions, such as schools, colleges, or universities. You will learn how to manage resources, support and encourage professors, and ensure that the organisation achieves its educational goals.

During a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Educational Leadership, you can expect to take classes on education theory, psychology and learning, inclusive education, international and comparative education, organisational behaviour, decision making, policies and strategy, research methods, etc.

As a future educational leader or manager, you will oversee the smooth functioning of an educational organisation. To achieve this, you have to manage budgets, attract sponsors and partners that can offer scholarships or internships, guide and inspire academic staff, make hiring decisions with the HR department, represent the institution at public events, etc.

To become a successful educational leader or manager, you need to master communication, presentation, and administrative skills. It’s also important to be a people person, connect with those around you and help them perform at their best. And, of course, you should keep an eye open on new technologies and approaches since education is an evolving process.

After graduating with a degree in Educational Leadership, you can often find roles within public or private schools, high schools, colleges, universities, or NGOs. Related job titles include career counsellor, financial aid coordinator, fundraising manager, HR manager, etc.

You should know that Educational Leadership is also referred to as Educational Management or School Leadership.

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