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What is Banking Studies?

Banking Studies is an academic discipline that dives into the principles, operations, and regulatory aspects of the banking sector. It offers insights into financial management, investments, risk assessment, and customer relations, critical for a successful career in banking.

Banking Studies Specialisations

There are several paths to explore in Banking Studies. A list of the most common specialisation in Banking Studies includes:

  • Retail Banking,
  • Commercial Banking,
  • Investment Banking,
  • Risk Management,
  • Financial Planning.

These are available in both Bachelor's and Master's programmes, allowing you to focus on the specific area of banking that interests you most.

What will you learn during a Banking Studies programme?

During a Banking Studies programme, you'll get a deep dive into the world of finance and banking. Here's what you can expect:

  • a comprehensive understanding of banking operations and services,
  • techniques for financial planning, investment, and risk assessment,
  • in-depth knowledge of banking laws and regulations,
  • customer relationship management in a banking context,
  • decision-making skills for financial matters.

Courses you'll likely take include:

  • Principles of Banking: Understanding the fundamentals of banking operations.
  • Corporate Finance: Learn about financial management in corporate settings.
  • Investment Analysis: Dive into investment strategies and portfolio management.
  • Risk Management in Banking: Discover the techniques to identify, assess and mitigate risks.
  • Banking Law: Get a grip on the legal framework and regulations in banking.

Banking Studies is a good degree for those with an eye for detail, a knack for numbers, and an interest in the financial world. The skills you get from Banking Studies courses are not only relevant in the banking sector but also applicable in finance roles across different industries.

Skills required for a degree in Banking Studies

The Banking Studies degree requirements include excellent numerical skills, analytical thinking, decision-making abilities, and an understanding of business principles. Good interpersonal skills are also crucial for customer-focused roles in banking.

What can you do with a Banking Studies degree?

A Banking Studies degree opens up numerous career avenues. The jobs you can get with a Banking Studies degree include:

  • Bank Manager,
  • Financial Analyst,
  • Loan Officer,
  • Risk Manager,
  • Investment Advisor.

A Bachelor's in Banking Studies can lead to roles in retail or commercial banking. With a Master's in Banking Studies, you could pursue opportunities in investment banking or risk management. So, is a Banking Studies degree worth it? Certainly! The banking sector offers a wealth of opportunities, making Banking Studies a promising choice for a lucrative career.

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