Your complete guide to a PhD in Management of Creative Industries

Everything you need to know about studying a PhD in Management of Creative Industries

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Management of Creative Industries teaches students how to understand and successfully manage businesses or institutions in industries such as arts, media, film, architecture, fashion, crafts, and others. You will become an expert in organisational development, innovation, communication, and creative processes.

When pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the Management of Creative Industries, you can expect to take classes on Entrepreneurship, Business and Organisational Management, Law and Marketing, next to specific industry-related classes, such as History of Art, Music, Theatre, Film, Media etc.

Experts in Creative Industry Management understand both the business and the creative side of an entity. They successfully address the challenges of applying the principles of management to culture and arts without suppressing them. Being out of the box and innovative, while keeping your priorities organized are key to your success in this field.

As a Creative Industries Management graduate, you will have a wide range of career paths to choose from. Besides the obvious prospect of being a manager, consultant or strategist in creative industry business, your skills will also allow you to find your place in innovation or change management entities, advertising, communication, event, or marketing agencies, business associations and creative industry policy makers etc.

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