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Strategic Management is the study of achieving short and long-term business objectives through the effective use of a company’s physical, intellectual, financial, and human resources. Strategic Management prepares professionals who can take a step back from managing individual projects and can see the full picture of where the company is heading, setting clear measurable goals and targets. Strategic Management overlaps with other Business disciplines, such as Business Administration, Finance, Marketing, Risk Management, Negotiation, and Statistics.

Strategic Management explores various aspects, from critical decision-making to setting business goals, from creating plans to anticipating outcomes, from analysing risks to determining which external factors represent roadblocks, and everything in between.

You can choose from different Strategic Management subdisciplines: Strategic Marketing, Strategic Communication, Strategic Entrepreneurship, Strategic Project Management, and others.

A typical Strategic Management curriculum includes subjects like Foundations of Business Management, Financial and Management Accounting, Catalysing Social Impacts, Managing Groups and Teams, Sustainable Systems, Leadership and Change, Corporate Strategy, Corporate Accountability, Cultural Issues in Management, etc.

Strategic Management career prospects for graduates include administrator, organisational manager, marketing manager, business consultant, planning specialist, brand manager, corporate service manager, development manager, or executive assistant.

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