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International Business is a great study choice in the increasingly connected modern world. International Business will help you discover the processes behind the commercial exchange of goods and services and learn how international markets work. You will also discover how to manage a business with offices in multiple regions of the world and how to conduct cross-border transactions. This means you’ll have to develop the skills necessary to adapt businesses to the country’s local culture, which is an important factor in the management of employees whose mindset can vary significantly.

You’ll study concepts from different fields, such as Economics, International Relations, Marketing, and others. This will enable you to develop a global mindset and learn negotiation skills and managerial techniques. Additionally, you’ll discover how to use specific accounting tools, including global financial systems. You will also expand your knowledge of international accounting, business economics and marketing.

You will be able to use these newly acquired skills to supervise supply chains and make sure that the manufacturing process and products respect the required standards. Additionally, you will be able to analyse business data and have a say in the decision-making process. As you become more experienced, you will even be able to start partnerships or find investors, which will be extremely important and highly appreciated by your company.

International Business graduates can become business development managers, data scientists, financial traders, sales executives, supply chain managers and others.

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