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Jinan University

Jinan University is a key comprehensive university which is listed in '211 Project' and jointly constructed by Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China and Guangdong Province.

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The name of the university "Jinan" comes from "The Tribute of Yu" in the Book of History, one of the Confucian Classics, which reads, "Reaching Eastward to the North and South, we shall spread the culture far and wide". The predecessor of the University was Jinan Academy, which was founded in 1906 by the Qing Government in Nanjing, and then moved to Shanghai.


The University has 28 colleges, comprising 62 departments and offering 89 undergraduate major fields. We offer 38 Level-I master degree granting programs, 15 Level-I doctoral degree granting programs, and 24 professional degrees. There are 16 post-doctoral research stations, 1 post-doctoral research base, 202 research institutes labs in Jinan University. The university has 4 national key disciplines, 8 key disciplines of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, 20 Guangdong Province Level-I key disciplines, and 4 Guangdong Province Level-II key disciplines. 4 disciplines: Engineering, Chemistry, Clinical Medicine, Pharmacology and Toxicology enter the top 1% of the ESI Ranking.


There are 16 post-doctoral research stations, 1 post-doctoral research base, and more than 200 research institutes labs in the University.

The University has 2 national engineering center, 1 key research base of national humanity & social sciences, 21 key ministerial and provincial key laboratories, 18 ministerial and provincial engineering centers, 11 international joint laboratories, 8 key research base of humanity & social science of Guangdong Province

University Ranking

Academic Ranking of World Universities by Shanghai Jiao Tong University
401 100
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World University Rankings by Times Higher Education
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Best Global Universities Rankings by U.S. News & World Report
914 -16
898 38
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Student services

  • JNU campus card system controls access to a variety of facilities and services across the campus.
  • The JNU Campus card serves as your student ID, an electronic key, and as a charge card, enabling you to use services for which you have privileges, to enter and exit facilities, to make on-campus purchases and to pay charges.
  • Card readers (swipe or proximity) match your campus card with system.

Library services

Jinan university library was established in 1927, now have five branches: cadre campus library (Shipai), southen campus library (Panyu), Zhuhai campus library, Chinese college library and Shenzhen tourism college library. Library with a total area of 80099m2, providing 8006 reading seats.

ICT services

As a Jinan University student, you have access to one of the most advanced technology infrastructures in higher education. JNU boasts a high-speed, high-capacity network infrastructure. All classrooms and residence halls are wired for high-speed Internet access. The growing campus wireless network provides students with reliable Wi-Fi connection.

Medical services

Management Office of Public Medical Health is responsible for the issues ofschool public health care and the student’s insurance. The job of those people work in this office is to make a statistical analysisof the use of the school expenses, and handle the matters relating to student health insurance.

Student Life

Campus life

Various associations play a great role in students' extracurricular life. Frequent competitions and activities are organized to colorize the campus life. Every year the university organized tour around China for overseas Chinese students, aiming to let them to be proud of being a chinese as well as promoting friendship between Chinese and overseas students.

Now the five campuses of Jinan University locate in three cities, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Zhuhai. The five campuses cover a total area of 2,108,700m². The total floor area of the buildings of the five campus cover is 1,313,100 m², and that of student dormitories is 346,800 m². The University has 19 affiliated hospitals.

Sports facilities

Sport:Cycling Club, Skating Club, Diabolo Club, Chinese Kongfu Club, Ping-Pong Club, Taekwondo Club, Badminton Club, Tennis Club, Baseball Club, Volleyball Club, Soccer Club,Nunchakus Club, Tianyu Chess Club, Climbing Club, Orienteering Club

Student clubs

  • Since 1983, the Postgraduate Student Union has focused in serving postgraduate students and promoted the welfare of the postgraduate body. It often holds excellent academic activities in campus. Now it consists of 13 departments and 16 college branches.
  • The Student Union is an influential student organization and represents the JNU undergraduate student body. It acts as a bridge between the student body and the University authority in furthering the interests of the students and the University as a whole. Now it consists of 12 departments, 1 campus committee and 21 college branch.

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