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University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna

The mdw – University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna is among the world's largest and most renowned universities specialised in the performing arts of music, theatre and film.

PhD Programmes



As an international leader for studies in music and other performing arts along with related academic disciplines since 1817.


The university currently provides training to over 3,000 students from over 70 countries in105 degree programmesand68 supplementary programmesrun by24 departments.


At the mdw, these responsibilities are assumed primarily by the university’s research departments, the efforts of which are complemented by the research being carried out at several of those departments that are focussed mainly on performance and education-related instruction.

Two aspects characterise the academic work conducted at the mdw:

  • The breadth and diversity of the arts-, culture- and science-related work that’s going on, in terms of both the topics themselves and the methodical approaches and methods employed.
  • The close ties between this work and artistic practice.


Library services

The University Library is the information centre of the mdw. It provides the literature necessary for art and science and for its teaching. As an artistic and scientific specialist library for music, musicology, music educational theory, drama and directing, film and television, as well as arts management, it provides printed and electronic information carriers.

Student Life

Campus life

The mdw has ten locations and is thus scattered across Vienna, but it is also well linked.

Everywhere where the mdw has a base, either on the traditional and innovative campus on Anton von Webern Platz in the third district, in the Baroque church of St. Ursula in the city centre, in the unique palace theatre in Schönbrunn or opposite in Palais Cumberland, it creates an impact on the city, the country, in Europe and far beyond.