The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocaw

The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław offers top of the range art and design education on three levels-Bachelor, Master and PhD. We are a state university educating on full time and part time basis in four faculties: Painting and Sculpture, Graphics and Media Art, Interior Architecture and Design, Ceramics and Glass. 

PhD Programmes



The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław is an autonomous higher education institution. It continues the tradition of fine arts education in Wrocław; in 1791 an art school was established in the then Prussian city. Destroyed during the Second World War, it was rebuilt by Polish people and opened in 1946. 


We educate students on full time and part time basis in 4 faculties on 3 levels- Bachelor, Master and PhD. The Faculty of Painting and Sculpture educates students in painting, drawing, sculpture as well as curatorial studies. The Faculty of Graphics and Media Art engages students in printmaking processes and methods of communication. The Media Art Department teaches the practicalities and the theory of media art. The Faculty of Interior Architecture and Design offers studies in Interior Architecture and Design as well as Stage Design. The Faculty of Ceramics and Glass educates students in design and creation as well as conservation and restoration of glass and ceramics. 


Researches within the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design are mainly conducted in the Centre for Applied Arts Center of Innovation, it serves as a teaching and research facility. The building is equipped with the latest technology and workshop equipment in 9 laboratories and 42 classrooms.For example: 

  • Center of Innovative Multimedia and Print is an integrated team of laboratories of two technology fields: multimedia and print.
  • Glass Factory is a place for developing projects with the use of experimental hot glass making techniques.
  •  Tangkama and Blaauw gas furnace provides opportunities to work with ceramics with the use of the oldest and the most cutting-edge technology.


The Faculty of Painting and Sculpture prepares a young prospective artist for future creative and professional activity. The Department of Art Mediation teaches different artistic and market strategies, students know how to write and realize projects. They become artistic critics and curators. The Graphics and Media Art Faculty's graduates become employed by graphic, advertising  as well as publishing and IT companies. The Faculty of Ceramics and Glass' alumnus is prepared to undertake individual artistic work in design and implementation studio or to create projects for companies and industry. Students in the Faculty of Interior Architecture and Design are prepared for employment in industry and design studio.


Student services

The International Relactions Office recruits students for interdisciplinary Master’s and PhD programmes conducted in English. It coordinates the course of education, helps in legalization procedures, coordinates exchange, mobility and internships, organizes  International Week, coordinates Visiting Professors/ Artists Programme, initiates and supports  international projects and programmes, assists in organizing summer school, exhibitions and other artistic events with the participation of guests from abroad. 

Housing services

The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław has its own dormitory. It is situated in the old part of the city, 15 minutes’ walk from the Academy. Depending on the standard, in some rooms there is also a fridge. On each floor there is a common kitchen with a fridge and dishes, shared bathrooms with showers and toilets and a studio for artistic use. In the building there is also a laundry room with washing machines and a common room with TV. In the academic year 2018/2019 the monthly rent is from 430 up to 600 PLN per person depending on the standard. The check-in is possible a few days before the beginning of each semester (end of September and mid-February). The dormitory has only 81 places for both Polish and foreign students and there are always more applications than places. 

Library services

The library collection includes about 14 000 books and 1000 magazines in Polish, English, German and French. They are all available to students’ personal use after registering to the library (the library card is free of charge). In the library there are computers with Internet connection that the students can use for free.

ICT services

All Academy’s buildings have WI-FI access. In the library students can use computers as well as scanners, printers and photocopiers. 

Medical services

The European Health Insurance Card is recommended for EU citizens when they plan to travel to Poland. In case of illness or other sudden medical emergency you can easily go to one of medical centres or hospitals in Wroclaw. If you have no medical insurance or if you decide to visit a private specialist or GP, the price is from 100−200 PLN for a visit. 

Student Life

Campus life

Our main building is located in the historical part of Wroclaw and the second building – The Centre of Applied Arts and Innovation – is the state of art building with ultra-modern studios and facilities. The distance between our two buildings is 5-minutes’ walk through a park where you can also find unique museum of one painting.  In the main building you can visit canteen with delicious meals as well as art supplies shop which offers wide range of art and office materials. In the Centre of Applied Arts and Innovation you will find Gallery Neon and next to it- Museum of the Academy. 

Sports facilities

We provide Physical Education classes at the Bachelor Degree but outside of the Academy you can find many sport centers, gyms, swimming pools or take some outdoor activities- like kayaking, cycling or Nordic walking. In Wrocław you can rent public bikes or rent a kayak from the bay located 5-minutes’ walk from the Academy’ main building.

Student clubs

  • Ceramic Academic Circle
  • Animations and Video Games Academic Circle 
  • Printmaking Academic Circle
  • KiRCiSz Academic Circle (preparing High Temperature Festival)
  • Art Mediation Academic Circle 
  • Scenography "309" Academic Circle
  • “SPHERE” Image Techniques Academic Circle
  • X - Internet / Culture / Art Academic Circle
  • Media Art Academic Circle (Film Circle)
  • Pavilion De Factory – PDF
There are no specific requirements for participation.


Wroclaw Academy is accredited by the Polish Accreditation Committee (PKA) –the only statutory body in Poland responsible for assessment of quality of education provided by higher education institutions. All Faculties got positive accreditation, Faculty of Graphics and Media Art obtained accreditation with distinction. We are also in the process of getting accreditation from The National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

Wroclaw, Lower Silesian Voivodeship, Poland


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