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InnoEnergy PhD School

Welcome to InnoEnergy, a network of research for a sustainable future. InnoEnergy is Europe’s engine for innovation. Everything we do is about creating the right conditions for new ideas to flourish.

PhD Programmes



To have an impact you need more than a good idea. The InnoEnergy PhD School offers doctoral candidates a range of training courses that complement their own research. The courses add context to the innovation process, increase the potential of new ideas, and help candidates create impact in and outside the lab.

Each course offers a combination of technical and business content, plus the in-demand personal skills that will enhance candidates career prospects as well as the reputation and capabilities of their lab.Courses are taken in addition to the candidate’s research work.

Candidates can choose which courses to take and when to takethem to match their own needs and interests, and to fit in withtheir own lab, university or research schedule.


The InnoEnergy PhD School is a central pillar in our education service. Our focus is to help develop the solutions that will convert current energy systems into sustainable alternatives, and so the goal of the InnoEnergy PhD School is to transform cutting-edge research into truly innovative solutions that will have an impact outside the lab.


The InnoEnergy Career Centre helps you to combine your academic learning with the practical career skills and insights you will need to secure a position in a leading energy company.  You will work in a multi-cultural environment with elite students from different countries.

The InnoEnergy Career Centre has several experts and Game Changers from the industry available to answer career related questions from InnoEnergy students. The advisers are also ambassadors of InnoEnergy students and will do what they can to support students in taking the next step in their search for a job or internship. Industry career advisers’ time is naturally limited, so InnoEnergy emails students about possible time slots.


Student services

As part of the InnoEnergy Community, members of the Programme also enjoy access to an unrivalled network of alumni, start-ups, entrepreneurs, researchers and partners, helping you find internships, placements and successful careers throughout the European energy industry.

Housing services

All PhD candidates participating in the InnoEnergy PhD School are required to undertake an international placement lasting at least four months. Candidates should conduct part of their research, or participate in a research project at a suitable university, research institute or company in another country from their host university.

Candidates can choose to undertake several placements, provided the total time spent in foreign organisations is between four and 12 months. Candidates may split one placement into several periods, if necessary, but at least one of these periods must last a minimum of three months.

InnoEnergy provides financial support to candidates, via their home university, to cover travel, accommodation and subsistence costs.