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Health is one of those essential things to living a productive, happy and fulfilling life that we tend to take for granted, until we lose it or it becomes impaired in some way. It is at these times that we need the help, support and guidance of experienced and knowledgeable people.



Few things could be more satisfying than a career in health and the team of lecturing and support staff in the public health and wellbeing team are highly experienced academics and practitioners in a range of health professions, and are committed and dedicated to providing a quality learning experience for our students.


The study of health at the University of Wolverhampton offers a fantastic and exciting opportunity to develop your knowledge, skills and experiences in order to enter into a range of careers relating to health.The NHS is one of the largest employers in Europe, therefore there are lots of career opportunities for graduates, but you won’t be restricted to the NHS; many of our graduates are employed in such diverse areas as Health Promotion, Smoking Cessation, Occupational Health, Housing and Health Information Support Services.

Wolverhampton, England, United Kingdom

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