Hokkaido University- Graduate School of Engineering

International students who meet our academic requirements and successfully passed the document screening and on-line interview can enroll directly without arriving to Japan for the entrance examination. Please note that direct admission is not possible in case you wish to apply under the "e3 General selection".

PhD Programmes

Engineering & Technology (1)



Engineering education at Hokkaido University started in 1876 with a clear objective namely to develop human resources who could take a lead in the development of the newly reclaimed island of Hokkaido. At present it is tasked with a new objective, to ensure that engineering students are educated in the way that prepares them to meet challenges brought about by globalization.


E3 is a graduate program and offers Master’s and Doctoral courses. Besides that, in some cases it’s possible to enroll first as Research student, preparatory course for the graduate school. Please check your eligibility to apply for each course. If you want to apply for research student, make sure that you are eligible for enrollment to the next program, unless you are planning to go back after completing Research Student period.

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