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Hokkaido University- Graduate School of Engineering

Hokkaido University- Graduate School of Engineering offers the acquirement of a state-of-the-art knowledge of science and engineering and advanced education that leads to the creation of new science and engineering and plays a role in enhancing human development.

PhD Programmes

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In 1953, The Graduate School of Engineering was established under the new system with Divisions of Civil Engineering, Mineral Resources Development Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Metallurgical Engineering and Architecture.


The aim of The School of Engineering and The Graduate School of the Engineering is to educate students to be excellent engineers and researchers in the future.

Goal of Education

  • to educate students to become engineers and researchers trusted by society and capable of considering both scientific technology and culture for the benefit of all mankind,
  • to educate students to actively develop new fields in science and technology based upon acquired basic and professional knowledge, and
  • to educate students with leadership skills and excellent flexibility for active involvement in local, domestic and worldwide communities, by the communication and dissemination of information on advanced topics in science and technology.


Housing services

The accommodation available at Hokkaido University is one of the many advantages of studying here. There is a great variety and number of university dormitories available. 

Library services

Hokkaido University Library collects, provides, and disseminates scholarly information as intellectual assets of human beings, based on the four basic philosophies of Hokkaido University: "Frontier Spirit", "Global Perspectives", "All-round Education", and "Practical Learning" in order to function as a place of intersection and creation of knowledge for the future.

Student Life

Campus life

There are a total of 795 rooms available, most of which are within walking distance to the campus and equipped with free high-speed internet access. Each dormitory is different in price and design, making it difficult to fully convey the variety of options available.

Sports facilities

There are over 250 clubs and societies to choose from, and students can participate in sporting activities, visit the university’s museum, attend university festivals, or just relax with friends in one of the many eateries in between lectures. 

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