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University of Nova Gorica

University of Nova Gorica aims to be an independent, research oriented and student friendly university, where knowledge is formed within a harmonious relationship between students and researchers, so that the knowledge can be transferred to younger generations and into business environment.



A predecessor of the University of Nova Gorica was the Faculty of Environmental Sciences – the first international postgraduate school in Slovenia. The Faculty was founded on 24 September 1995 with an agreement from the Council of the Republic of Slovenia for Higher Education of 12 July 1995. It began operating in the 1995/96 study year. 


  • School of Environmental Sciences
  • School of Engineering and Management
  • School of Science
  • School of Humanities
  • School for Viticulture and Enology
  • School of Arts
  • Graduate School



  • Laboratory for Environmental and Life Sciences
  • Laboratory for Astroparticle Physics
  • Laboratory of Organic Matter Physics
  • Laboratory for Multiphase Processes
  • Materials Research Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Quantum Optics
  • Centre for Atmospheric Research
  • Centre for Systems and Information Technologies
  • Center for Cognitive Science of Language
  • Wine Research Centre
  • Research Centre for Humanities


The University of Nova Gorica support students and graduates in their career development. Our aim is to strengthen, improve and establish new connections between the University of Nova Gorica and employers, build better employment possibilities for our students and graduates on their way to the labour market.


Student services

Student office of Nova Gorica University serves both undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as those interested in information about the studies at our institution.

Confirmations of enrolment, confirmations of passed exams, and exam grades are being issued to our students. We follow those who graduate into their first jobs by helping them, advising them, and mediating with new employees. Because of this we collaborate with many companies and individuals.

Student office offers information about enrolment, conditions for enrolment, information about academic programmes, and other information concerning studies at Nova Gorica University.

Library services

University library of University of Nova Gorica is open to all students and staff, as well as to all other visitors who are interested in the materials offered by the library. We are collecting materials mostly for the fields of ecology, physics, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, biology, Slovene studies, humanities, viticulture and fine arts.

Other programmes from this university