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Studying Doctor of Philosophy

The Ph.D. (also PhD, Doctor of Philosophy) is the highest postgraduate degree that can be achieved at universities. People awarded with a PhD are normally allowed to have a teaching position at a university.

The Ph.D. is a scientific research doctorate or doctorate studies with a duration of typically three to five years. Despite its name, the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is not limited to philosophy related studies but is awarded in most disciplines. The discipline name is usually attached with an "in" to the title (e.g. Ph.D. in Economics).

Typically, a Ph.D. degree is pursued after completion of a Master's programme. However, in some cases it is already possible to pursue a PhD after achieving a Bachelor's degree. In the UK, Ph.D. candiates usually enrol for a Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) course first.

After a short period of typically one year, the supervisor decides upon an acceptance to the Ph.D. programme.

Studying in Ireland

From literature to landscape, from innovation to internationalisation, Ireland offers a lot of opportunities in education and research… and the warmest of welcomes from the world’s friendliest nation!

35 Doctor of Philosophy PhDs in Ireland

Ph.D. Applied Social Studies

Interested individuals are encouraged to make an informal approach to the Department to discuss their proposal and establish an initial fit between their interests and the Department’s research priorities and expertise. 

Faculty of Social Sciences
Ph.D. Studio Art

The PhD in Studio Art aims to generate new knowledge in artistic practice through studio research and other research methods as appropriate.  The PhD can be taken as a Full-Time, Part-Time, or Hybrid (Part-Time with Full-Time Periods of Study) Programme

Ph.D. Fine Arts

The Warnborough PhD in Fine Arts is a rigorous but conscientious program that can turn concepts on their heads and ideas into practice.

Ph.D. National Institute for Regional & Spatial Analysis (NIRSA)

The NIRSA PhD programme is a Graduate Research Education Programme (GREP) designed to provide a support infrastructure and environment for PhD students that will enhance the student experience of independent research, add value to their training, increase the quality of their research, and reduce thesis completion times

Faculty of Social Sciences
Ph.D. Practical Theology

Take that final step to the top of the platform with the Warnborough College PhD in Practical Theology, and “finally, be strong in the Lord and the power of His might” (Eph 6:10).

Ph.D. Classics

The aim of this programme is to provide students with a professional training in academic research in Classics, and to develop their capacity to contribute to international scholarship in the discipline in an original and effective fashion.

Faculty of Arts, Celtic Studies and Philosophy
Ph.D. Computer Science

The aim of the Structured PhD in Computer Science is to provide the student with an opportunity to carry out a significant body of research work with support from the teaching component of the programme. 

Faculty of Science & Engineering
Ph.D. Law

Coming to UCD Law School creates the possibility of expert supervision by leading researchers in a wide variety of fields.

UCD Sutherland School of Law
Ph.D. Electronic Engineering

The objective of this programme is to produce high quality PhD graduates with the skills and advanced engineering knowledge to operate as independent researchers and take on leadership roles in research and development both in academia and in industry.

Faculty of Science & Engineering
Ph.D. Political Science

Political Science offers the opportunity for research students to enter our PhD programme. This is a creative departure from the traditional PhD offered elsewhere in much of Europe and is designed to produce rigorously trained, widely-read and well-rounded political scientists, able to take their place in the forefront of the profession.

School of Social Science and Philosophy
Ph.D. Clinical Psychology Doctorate Programme

This is a full time three year professional course, leading to a Doctoral qualification in clinical psychology. Graduates are qualified to work as Clinical Psychologists. The programme is designed around the Accreditation Guidelines of the Psychological Society of Ireland for postgraduate courses in Clinical Psychology.

Faculty of Education and Health Sciences
Ph.D. European Law and Governance

The PhD in European Law and Governance from University College Dublin is designed for students who want to develop multidisciplinary expertise on the structures and dynamics of European governance.

School of Politics and International Relation
Ph.D. Biology

Students entering the Structured PhD Programme in Biology will be under the supervision of an experienced researcher. All academic staff members in the Biology Department are experienced and active researchers and can supervise PhD students.

Faculty of Science & Engineering
Ph.D. Italian

The Warnborough College PhD programme considers some of the major literary figures who represent important milestones in the history of Italian Literature. Towering over all of them, of course, is Dante Alighieri, the father of the Italian language. 

Ph.D. Economics or Finance

The PhD programmes in Economics and/or Finance at Maynooth University are built on the foundation developed in the MA programmes. While the MA programmes provide the basic skills and technical knowledge base via taught courses and a directed thesis, the PhD programme builds on this to further students’ skills and knowledge to enable them to do world class research.

Faculty of Social Sciences
Ph.D. Global Human Development

The PhD in Global Human Development from University College Dublin is part of the Human Development Initiative (HDI). HDI aims to promote and foster development education, produce quality research in partnership with southern universities and raise awareness of contemporary development issues through various outreach programmes.

School of Politics and International Relation
Ph.D. Chemistry

The main objective of this programme is to provide graduate students with an integrated broad-based training in the discipline of chemistry including the most advanced research methodology in physical, organic, inorganic and analytical chemistry.

Faculty of Science & Engineering
Ph.D. Politics and International Relations

We offer a structured PhD programme that includes (1) training in research methods, (2) coursework in two subject-areas of politics and international relations, (3) regular contact with a Doctoral Studies Panel composed of academic staff with expertise related to the students interests, and (4) the writing of a doctoral thesis based on original research.

School of Politics and International Relation
Ph.D. Clinical Psychology

The Doctor of Psychological Science in Clinical Psychology is a taught programme that provides professional training in clinical psychology. The programme is provided in partnership with clinical psychology services in the Health Services Executive and other agencies. The programme’s objective is to produce competent and capable clinical psychologists for the health service by providing high quality training in the clinical, academic and research elements of clinical psychology.

College of Arts, Social Sciences, & Celtic Studies
Ph.D. European Law and Governance

The PhD in European Law and Governance from University College Dublin is designed for students who want to develop multidisciplinary expertise on the structures and dynamics of European governance.

UCD Sutherland School of Law
Ph.D. Irish School of Ecumenics

The Irish School of Ecumenics is committed to the study and promotion of dialogue, peace and reconciliation in Ireland and other global contexts. ISE is recognised for its vigorous interdisciplinary approach to teaching, research and social engagement.

School of Religions, Theology and Ecumenics
Ph.D. Education

The PhD in Education is a research degree, aiming to support students in engaging in an educational project of the highest academic standard, aligned with their own research interests. Students work with a lead supervisor and the support of the departmental PhD advisory team, to undertake a major research activity and write a substantial doctoral thesis.

Faculty of Social Sciences
Ph.D. Anthropology

The PhD is an advanced research degree that requires considerable initiative on the part of the student to engage in independent, original scholarship.

Faculty of Social Sciences
Ph.D. Italian Studies

There is probably no other country which has had two periods of greatness — Rome and the Renaissance — when it exerted an enormous international influence. Why not pursue the study of the literature and history of this fantastic country with the Warnborough PhD in Italian Studies? 

Ph.D. Cultural Art History

Art is where cultural, creative and historical characteristics are expressed–in timeless works that ultimately belong to us all. Cultural Art History more fully explores the cultural cross-fertilization of traditions manifested in works of art—and the influences underlying their production.

Ph.D. Adult and Community Education

The overall aim of the Structured PhD Programme is to facilitate the students in making an original contribution to the knowledge base in the field of adult and community education through research. This is part of a University-wide programme, which provides modules that students can undertake in the course of their studies.

Faculty of Social Sciences