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Gerda Henkel Foundation Research Scholarships in Germany

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Multiple disciplines
3720 EUR
United Kingdom
22 May 2024
Application deadline


In line with one of the founder’s wishes, a special focus of the Gerda Henkel Foundation is support for up-and-coming scholars. Special attention is made when approving grants to enable qualified young researchers of both sexes to conduct scientific work for a limited period of time and in order to improve their academic training.


Scholarship type

Merit and need based

Number of scholarships to award



EUR 2,760 or EUR 3,720

Scholarship coverage

  • tuition fee reduction


Gerda Henkel Foundation Research Scholarships in Germany, is offered for Post Doc degree in the field of Archaeology, Historical Sciences, Prehistory and Early History, History of Science, Historical Islamic Studies, History of Art, History of Law.

Applicable programmes


Research Scholarships for Postdocs:

Monthly scholarship award: EUR 2,760.

For one child: EUR 480.

For each further child: EUR 120.

The family grant is awarded for children who have not yet turned 18.

Monthly endowment for scholarships abroad: 690 euros.

Travel aid: as required.

Material aid: as required.

Research Scholarships after Post Doctoral Lecture Qualification:

Monthly scholarship award: EUR 3,720.


  • Applications for a “research scholarship for post-doctoral researchers” may only be made if applicants received their PhD within the last ten years. The relevant date is that on the PhD certificate. 
  • The dissertation must have already been published at the time the application is made. The presentation of a publishing contract is not sufficient in this regard.
  • The topic of the proposed research project must clearly differ from the topic of the PhD thesis.
  • Applications may only be made if applicants received a previous Gerda Henkel Foundation research scholarship more than five years ago. The relevant date for calculating the timeframe is the date on the final report.
  • No renewed application for a project rejected by the Gerda Henkel Foundation may be made.
  • Applications for a new project may be made if the last rejected application was made more than three years ago. The relevant date for calculating the timeframe is the date on the letter of rejection.

Scholarship requirements


Multiple disciplines


United Kingdom


226 nationalities

Study experience required





Application deadline

22 May 2024

The Foundation committees meet twice a year to consider the applications and decide on funding grants. The application deadline for the Foundation committees autumn meeting in 2024 is 22 May 2024. Applications have to be in the Foundation's office by this day. The Foundation committees are holding their meeting in November 2024. If your application is successful, funding can start at the beginning of December 2024 at the very earliest.

The next but one deadline will end on 22 November 2024.

The deadline is not valid for smaller funding amounts (max. 30,000 euros). Smaller funding amounts are granted by the Foundation through a simplified procedure with a deliberation time of approximately three to four months.

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