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No, Agriculture & Forestry doesn’t just mean you cut down trees all day long. And, even though you will be able to name every flower or plant that you see, that isn’t the only thing you’ll learn how to do. Agriculture & Forestry is, in fact, a vital scientific field that relates to plant and animal life, and the environments they thrive in. You’ll learn about forest restoration, managing natural resources, and preserving the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Agriculture & Forestry students can find themselves working in Horticulture (the study of plants and vegetables), Animal Sciences, and, even, Aquaculture and Fisheries (that is, the study of preserving those water plants you use in your fish tank!). There are plenty of opportunities for you, once you decide that you want to pursue a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Agriculture & Forestry. You can help businesses manage their ecological impact; you can establish and preserve wildlife, knowing exactly how animals and plants interact with the environment; or you can create spectacular garden landscapes for everyone to admire.

Students who study Agriculture & Forestry find themselves in careers as diverse as being a conservationist, a landscaper, or a water management planner. No matter what, you’re doing something that helps wildlife and the environment. There are also some related fields to get you more interested: environmental sustainability, food science, geology, ecology, animal husbandry.

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Suggested PhDs in Agriculture & Forestry

Ph.D. Diagnostics of illnesses and therapy of animals, pathology, oncology and morphology of animals

The postgraduate programme is focused on training highly-skilled, competitive professionals in veterinary medicine and agronomy. Graduates treat animals; scrutinize pathological states and morphology of animals applying various methods. The Diagnostics of illnesses and therapy of animals, pathology, oncology and morphology of animals programme is delivered by RUDN University.    

Ph.D. Equine Research Anglia

Conduct your research with a specialist equine group whose interests and reputation range from biomechanics and reproduction to behaviour and sport. Work with leading equine organisations.

United Kingdom

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