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Biology is a natural science, together with chemistry and physics, and it is taught in schools of all levels. This field explores all living and non-living forms of life, from microorganisms to plants, animals and humans. Biology sub-disciplines focus on species and groups of organisms and offer an in-depth study of their growth and evolution, origin, actions and distribution around the world.

Zoology, biophysics, anthropology, histology and ecology are only some of the specializations that students choose for a Master’s degree in biology. Others may enrol in a degree programme that focuses on the foundations of modern biology, such as cell theory, evolution, genetics, homeostasis and energy. While classic biology had the cell as a centre point, today the focus of attention is on energy, as a mechanism of survival for organisms.

Graduates of a Master degree in biology enter a competitive employment market, where practical experience plays a major role. They are able to find jobs as higher education lecturers, pharmacologists, research scientists or science writers.

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Ph.D. Chemical and Biological Engineering

At the SUNY Buffalo School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, the Chemical and Biological Engineering doctoral research project is originally formulated by the student's faculty advisor together with the student, but it is sufficiently rich and long-range that the outcome can generally not be foreseen. The student eventually assumes leadership in carrying out the research.

United States
Ph.D. Biological Sciences

The full-time study programme is offered in English and lasts four years. Students prepare their doctoral theses in the disciplines of biology or ecology: anthropology, ecosystem studies, biochemistry, biology of reproduction, biodiversity, evolutionary ecology, ecotoxicology, endocrinology, genetics, immunology, microbiology, mycology, neurobiology, oncology, taxonomy, and others.