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Arts, Design & Architecture is a group of disciplines that enable students to use creativity, design principles, theories, methods and tools in order to create a more beautiful and functional world.

People who work in Arts, Design & Architecture develop projects, plans, designs and concepts for everything, from buildings, monuments, clothes, and devices to intuitive graphical interfaces and easy-to-use web pages. They are also creators of fabulous art, including paintings, music, theatre plays, dances, and many other wonderful expressions of beauty and imagination.

Some of the main disciplines within Arts, Design & Architecture are Art History, Graphic Design, Landscape Architecture, Music, Visual Arts, etc.

If you choose to focus on Architecture, you will learn everything there is to know about creating the perfect design for a new building or even an entire city. Courses will focus on fundamental architecture elements, on safety and materials, environmental impact, as well as lighting, textures, and how to create the perfect contrast between materials and colours. It’s not an easy job, as it also involves principles from physics and mathematics, but designing someone’s dream house or a cityscape is a very rewarding job.

Studying Graphic Design will focus on teaching you how to use images, text and colours to communicate messages efficiently. To do that, classes will present basic design principles, elements, and rules.
If you go for Music, you will study musical theory, instruments, perfect harmonies, and numerous musical styles. You will work with other talented musicians, just like you. After graduation, you’ll be an expert in playing at least one instrument.

A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Arts, Design & Architecture opens up many career opportunities. In addition to the subfields we’ve already mentioned, you can specialise in Fashion Design, Film, Photography & Media, Theatre & Dance, User Experience Design, and others.

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Arts at University of Auckland is a globally recognised postgraduate research degree and the highest...

How Arts, Design & Architecture Subject Ranking Lists Are Created

Want to know which universities offer the best Master's degrees in Arts, Design & Architecture?

Check out the university rankings listing the best universities where you can study Arts, Design & Architecture according to World University Rankings by Subject from Times Higher Education, QS World University Rankings by Subject from TopUniversities, and Best Global universities for Arts and Humanities, by U.S. News.

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Best Universities for on PhDPortal

Universities Location TopUniversities Ranking (2018)
London, United Kingdom 1
Cambridge, United States 2
New York City, United States 2
Providence, United States 4
New York City, United States 5
London, United Kingdom 6
Milano, Italy 7
Chicago, United States 7
Santa Clarita, United States 9
Stanford, United States 10
Oxford, United Kingdom 11
New Haven, United States 12
Helsinki, Finland 13
Pittsburgh, United States 14
London, United Kingdom 15
Pasadena, United States 16
Melbourne, Australia 17
Los Angeles, United States 18
Glasgow, United Kingdom 19
New York City, United States 20
Oakland, United States 22
New York City, United States 23
Mexico City, Mexico 24
Beijing, China 25
Shanghai, China 26
Hong Kong, Hong Kong (SAR) 27
Melbourne, Australia 28
Seoul, South Korea 29
Sydney, Australia 29
Buenos Aires, Argentina 31
Sydney, Australia 33
Melbourne, Australia 34
Singapore, Singapore 35
Loughborough, United Kingdom 36
Beijing, China 37
Santiago, Chile 38
Buenos Aires, Argentina 39
Singapore, Singapore 40
Brisbane, Australia 41
Ithaca, United States 42
São Paulo, Brazil 42
Sydney, Australia 42
Princeton, United States 45
Monterrey, Mexico 46
Stockholm, Sweden 47
Canberra, Australia 48
City of London, United Kingdom 49
Savannah, United States 49
Vienna, Austria 101
Tempe Junction, United States 101
Weimar, Germany 101
Beijing, China 101
Berlin, Germany 101
Providence, United States 101
Edinburgh College of Art Edinburgh, United Kingdom 101
Vancouver, Canada 101
Shanghai, China 101
Bangalore, India 101
Copenhagen, Denmark 101
Leuven, Belgium 101
Fukuoka, Japan 101
Manchester, United Kingdom 101
London, United Kingdom 101
Tainan, Taiwan 101
Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom 101
Nottingham, United Kingdom 101
Turin, Italy 101
Valencia, Spain 101
Barcelona, Spain 101
Den Haag, Netherlands 101
Sheffield, United Kingdom 101
Perth, Australia 101
Berlin, Germany 101
Campinas, Brazil 101
Esplugues de Llobregat, Spain 101
Paris, France 101
George Town, Malaysia 101
Adelaide, Australia 101
Edmonton, Canada 101
Dundee, United Kingdom 101
Urbana, United States 101
Leeds, United Kingdom 101
Montréal, Canada 101
Reading, United Kingdom 101
Hobart, Australia 101
Austin, United States 101
Tsukuba, Japan 101
Seattle, United States 101
Madison, United States 101
Wollongong, Australia 101
Tokyo, Japan 101
Barcelona, Spain 151
Boston, United States 151
London Borough of Harrow, United Kingdom 151
Cleveland, United States 151
Bangkok, Thailand 151
Montreal West, Canada 151
Seoul, South Korea 151
Durham, United States 151
Tallinn, Estonia 151
Seoul, South Korea 151
Belo Oriente, Brazil 151
Porto Alegre, Brazil 151
Kanpur, India 151
Seoul, South Korea 151
Nanjing, China 151
Taipei, Taiwan 151
Hsinchu, Taiwan 151
Raleigh, United States 151
Evanston, United States 151
Oxford, United Kingdom 151
Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso Valparaíso, Chile 151
Roma, Italy 151
São Paulo, Brazil 151
Hamilton, New Zealand 151
Sendai-shi, Japan 151
Universidad ANAHUAC Mexico City, Mexico 151
Puebla, Mexico 151
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 151
Canterbury, United Kingdom 151
Irvine, United States 151
Santa Barbara, United States 151
Canberra, Australia 151
Cape Town, South Africa 151
Cincinnati, United States 151
Dunedin, New Zealand 151
Porto, Portugal 151
Santiago, Chile 151
Odense, Denmark 151
Wellington, New Zealand 151
Toronto, Canada 151
Zürich, Switzerland 151
Auckland, New Zealand 51
Birmingham, United States 51
Perth, Australia 51
Southport, Australia 51
Utrecht, Netherlands 51
Hong Kong, Hong Kong (SAR) 51
Mumbai, India 51
Bandung, Indonesia 51
London Borough of Sutton, United Kingdom 51
Lancaster, United Kingdom 51
Baltimore, United States 51
Palmerston North, New Zealand 51
Taipei, Taiwan 51
Taipei, Taiwan 51
Columbus, United States 51
Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 51
Jamundí, Colombia 51
Shanghai, China 51
Seoul, South Korea 51
Melbourne, Australia 51
Hong Kong, Hong Kong (SAR) 51
Copenhagen, Denmark 51
Stockholm, Sweden 51
Edinburgh, United Kingdom 51
Umeå, Sweden 51
Mexico City, Mexico 51
Madrid, Spain 51
Mexico City, Mexico 51
Bogotá, Colombia 51
London, United Kingdom 51
Vienna, Austria 51
Auckland, New Zealand 51
Barcelona, Spain 51
Brighton, United Kingdom 51
Vancouver, Canada 51
San Diego, United States 51
Chicago, United States 51
Santiago, Chile 51
Lisbon, Portugal 51
Ann Arbor, United States 51
Philadelphia, United States 51
Brisbane, Australia 51
Adelaide, Australia 51
Los Angeles, United States 51
Bogotá, Colombia 51
Toronto, Canada 51
Richmond, United States 51
Hangzhou, China 51
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